Functional Neurology is a type of specialty healthcare that uses sensory- and cognitive-based therapy to assess and remediate dysfunction within the human nervous system and brain. Functional neurologists focus on studies and practices of neuroplasticity to optimize the brain and body’s function in patients with brain injury, movement and degenerative disorders, and conditions that cannot be solved by traditional approaches. 

Keep reading to learn more about Functional Neurology Centers and how doctors specialize in this field.

What is a functional neurologist?

Since functional neurology is an alternative-based approach to achieving healthcare and wellness goals, functional neurologists are patient-focused instead of diagnosis-focused. Through specialized assessment techniques, functional neurologists seek to remediate cognitive functioning issues associated with various health conditions and injuries. 

Functional neurologists help remediate symptoms of cognitive impairment due to:

  • Concussions and brain injuries
  • Challenges caused by developmental disorders
  • Movement disorders
  • Degenerative brain disorders
  • Vestibular disorders
  • Other cognitive symptoms caused by unknown conditions that are unresponsive to traditional treatment methods 

To become a functional neurologist, a board-certified healthcare professional must meet stringent requirements. First, they must maintain their license to practice in their discipline. They also must meet both educational and professional credentialing criteria. Finally, they must pass and maintain a functional neurology certification.


Since functional neurologists must first have a license to practice in another discipline, they typically hold titles such as Doctor of Chiropractic (DC), Physical Therapist (PT), Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO), or Doctor of Medicine (MD). Think of functional neurology as a subspecialty of neurology in any of these practices. Board-certified medical professionals can acquire their accreditation in functional neurology with continued education from a recognized program and at least one passed board examination. 

The Hartman Center’s Approach

A licensed functional neurologist from The Hartman Center seeks a therapeutic, four-pronged approach to remediate cognitive dysfunction caused by traumatic brain injury and concussions. This chiropractic neurology treatment measures brain function and its impact on the nervous system. Through the implementation of physical and cognitive treatment methods that are individualized to each patient, neuroplasticity in the brain can be achieved.

The practice of neuroplasticity recognizes that some medications, drugs, and other medical treatment methods cause side effects while only activating a limited part of the brain’s function. Through functional neurology and cognitive brain training exercises, a greater part of the brain’s function can be reached. 

For those recovering from concussions or acute or traumatic brain injury, functional neurology can help you recover cognitive function that has been lost. Functional neurology focuses on key issues like attention, memory, concentration, reasoning, and emotional control. This four-step system consists of Cognitive Training, Aerobic Exercise, Mindfulness Curriculum, and Progress Tracking. 

For more information on functional neurology accreditation and our proven track record for success, visit The Hartman Center website.