What is Functional Medicine?

We treat people, not conditions.

Now more than ever is the perfect time to focus on bettering your brain and bettering your body. We live in a time when it is of the greatest importance to be proactive and preventative in our health. More and more people are looking for a clinic that offers a comprehensive, holistic approach to health. We are creating The Hartman Center in response to the demand from our community for a change in the conventional model of healthcare. In the recent years, a new way of health is being delivered that is cultivating resilience and changing the medical landscape. This new speciality is commonly referred to as Functional Medicine or Integrative Medicine.

Functional Medicine offers a comprehensive and integrative model of delivering care with the goal of maximizing your health.

Functional MedicineAt the Hartman Center, we focus on engaging our clients, treating them individually, and taking the time to foster behavioral and lifestyle changes needed for a better quality of life. We do our absolute best to provide preventative, personalized, and patient-engaging care, empowering clients to participate in their health journey. We treat people and illness not by suppressing symptoms, but by examining the biological ecology and intricate systems within the body of our clients, focusing on identifying and addressing the root cause of disease and illness.

The HCFN is offering both in-office and online virtual functional medicine programs to help find answers for unresolved questions and conditions. We offer an individualized approach to detecting underlying causes of disease with a focus on the interconnectedness of our biological systems in contrast to compartmentalizing each system. We screen and identify imbalances in our client’s metabolism looking for patterns and assessing probabilities of disease.

We use customized laboratory testing to screen and identify metabolic imbalances to assess major bodily functions and examine for the presence of underlying conditions that affect your health. We provide:

Customized laboratory testing

Diet and nutritional recommendations


Lifestyle coaching and enhancement


Tree of Life

Tree of LifeWhen we think about a tree, we think about the color and size of the leaves, its height, the thickness of its bark, and imagine how deep its roots run. A tree’s roots are estimated to spread as far and wide as its branches. They are an integral part of our ecosystem and necessary for our survival. When a plant starts to wilt, we know immediately what to give the plant in order to grow. If we don’t give the plant what it needs, it will not survive. Why don’t we just spray the leaves green? It’s a lot simpler to make it look healthy by spraying the leaves green, but are we solving the problem? Are we really helping at all?

No, we have to give the plant what it needs.

What should we do when it comes to our own health? We don’t ‘spray the leaves green’ to make the plant look alive, so why should we do that to ourselves? Here at the HCFN, we aren’t spraying the leaves green; we’re giving the body what it needs to thrive.