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At the Hartman Center for Functional Neurology, we value our clients’ experience and success.

We are proud to share the videos and written testimonials below of people, just like you, who have achieved freedom from pain and illness, improved health and well-being, relief and healing through our customized programs.

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Written Testimonials

Special words from patients who have come so far in their journey to health, and decided to share their stories with us.

"I’m a former Division I soccer player who has dealt with ankle injuries throughout my college career and adult life after. I first went to see Dr. Hartman for ankle and calf pain I was having due to my (then new) obsession with the sport of CrossFit. I felt like I was learning how to become an athlete all over again - re-assessing my squat, learning how to double under, using my lower body to power my upper extremities, etc. I decided to sign up for my first CrossFit competition as an individual and needed some series hands-on maintenance, in addition to my training, in order to see the best results - Dr. Hartman came highly recommended in this space as a fellow CrossFitter and former college athlete. What started as precautionary maintenance, turned into regular visits with a full body focus and amazing results. Not only did my ankle mobility improve, but my overall hips, back and posterior chain began to activate correctly, as a result. Regular treatment was a part of my overall training plan and it was paying off in every way. 

About a year into seeing Dr. Hartman, I tore my labrum in my left shoulder, which he diagnosed before I even got X-Rays. Naturally the focus shifted from my ankles to rehabbing my shoulder, in addition to making sure I had full body alignment throughout my rehab and recovery. My goal was to not only gain 100% mobility back in my left shoulder, but to also not tear my other shoulder as a result of overcompensation from my first surgery (a common occurrence). Dr. Hartman helped me to be successful in both of these areas, and my mobility goals were met within six months post surgery, where I not only recovered, but improved from where I was before surgery in strength and mobility. 

Two years later, I was experiencing some major life changes in both my career and my personal life, which ended up taking a heavy toll on my body and resulted in noticeable physical changes - mainly, my skin. I consulted with Dr. Hartman and after some tests and assessments, he helped me make some major changes in my diet and overall lifestyle. My skin issues vanished, along with a lot of inflammation and I was better maintaining my stress levels, while fueling my body with the proper nutrients that I needed. 

What started as, what I thought to be, a one time visit, resulted in a myriad of visits with Dr. Hartman that covered the full spectrum of my being. He’s seen me at my worst, helped me to progress and celebrated me at my best and for that, I am forever grateful. I have learned so much from my visits with him that have enhanced my overall quality of life, and I continue to learn and improve my health as I regularly see him. He is not a stop along the way when addressing a problem, he is an integral part of the routine for the best solution!"

– Britta O.

"After months of pushing through what I thought was “normal” pain, there was one workout that completely pushed me over the edge.  At the end of that workout, my back was so tight I could barely stand up or bend over to put my shoes on.  Dr. Hartman was the first person I called, and I will never forget the level of care that was provided.  Dr. Hartman gave me hope that I was going to be OK and that he would be there for me every step of the way, and he truly was.  It was a long road to recovery, but I trusted his expertise and listened to every word he said and I ended up coming back stronger and better than before!  I learned so much throughout the process, and I am so grateful to him that I was able to fully recover and return back to working out safely.  Ever since that experience, I now make it a priority to keep up with regular check-ins and accessory work.  If you ever have the opportunity to work with Dr. Harman, he makes you feel like he truly cares, and that is because he really does!!"

– Nicole D.

'What brought me to Dr. Hartman was a family member who suffered a traumatic brain injury two years ago. The injury completely changed our lives and his ability to function daily. We’ve tried hyperbaric oxygen therapy, lots and lots of traditional PT, OT and Speech therapy. Dr Jon really took the time to get to know us and our unique situation, from the first time we spoke before visiting he showed his true passion to help and it was obvious that he was so dedicated to continuously finding ways to break barriers, learn more and find ways to help my family and I through advanced therapy. We've see more improvement in the past couple of months working with Dr Jon, than we have seen in the past couple of years. While doctors  told us to just deal with our new normal, Dr. Jon proved that wasn't the case and that we had hope to heal and improve and he proved that to be true. 

Dr. Jon  is unlike anyone we've ever met, his passion is so deep that you feel it when you meet him, he brought us hope to believe that healing was possible, something we haven't had since the injury. From nutritional counseling, testing, supplement recommendations, lifestyle changes and finding fun and engaging therapies that can be done at home or in his office he has consistently come up with new ways to keep us engaged and eager to continue on this journey with him. I truly cant say enough positive things about what meeting him has done for our life and I highly recommend working with him, he will change your life!"

– Diana

"Migraines and jaw pain were the main reasons for finding Dr. Hartman. Additionally, I had neglected my overall health for quite some time since becoming a mom, so it was time to get myself back on track, and spend some time taking care of me! The jaw pain and migraines were something I struggled with for over a decade. In the beginning, they were manageable, and more of a nuisance. Within the past five years, they began occurring daily. My migraines would begin when I woke up in the morning, until the time I went to bed at night. The jaw pain was constant and impacting eating and talking. I was unable to focus at work and was not the best parent I could have been. Being in constant pain was wearing on my patience. I had tried chiropractic in the past, as well as guasha facials and acupuncture. All gave me relief, temporarily, but within a day or two I was back to suffering again.

Dr. Hartman is different. From my experience, he took the time to get to know me as a person, as well as my daily habits and lifestyle. He wasn’t just about treating the “issue” at surface value. He quickly uncovered the majority of my issues were attributed to weak back muscles, my laptop set up for work and of course, stress. He made a few minor, but significant, changes to my lifestyle and diet. Coupled with his adjustments and therapy, I was seeing amazing results, quickly.

My migraines and jaw pain have diminished drastically. I still get migraines occasionally, but they are not as intense, or for as long of a duration as they once were. I have started CrossFit and am getting stronger by the day, and the increased strength of my back muscles are really helping to support my overall posture.

To say he has changed my life, is a gross understatement. Dr. Hartman has given me back a quality of life that I did not think was possible. I am able to be a more present and patient parent, because I am feeling so much better. I am able to run around with my kids and I am more focused at work. I recommend Dr. Hartman to everyone! He is caring, thorough and so insanely smart. I am lucky to have found him!"

– Ashley W. 

I came to Dr. Hartman for pain in my lower back that was preventing me from training in CrossFit.  It had started to bother me a few months before I went to see him. Like any CrossFit athlete, I naturally wanted to push it off a little longer than I should have. Eventually, I was very stiff and any way I moved caused me pain. I couldn’t walk, sit, or stand comfortably. Picking up anything off the ground was just painful. I couldn’t sleep. I could barely get out of bed. I was ALWAYS uncomfortable! Dr. Hartman got in quickly and ordered an MRI. I will never forget when I got his call about my results. I was in the gym locker room in tears because I thought my CrossFit journey was over. 

I noticed right off the bat that Dr. Hartman genuinely cared. He  explained to me that my workouts didn’t need to STOP, they just needed to CHANGE. I didn’t need to stop doing what I loved, I just needed to work smarter and mend some things that needed to be fixed.

I specifically remember you saying to me “This is not a sprint, it’s a marathon”. Dr. Hartman taught me what that REALLY meant. He spent time teaching me stretches that I needed to do on a DAILY basis, while my back was at rest. Stretches that I visibly improved in over time. He explained WHY things were going wrong. He helped me understand the seriousness of what I was going through, along with what we needed to do to fix it. Dr. Hartman gave me movements that I could do in the meantime. He taught me that taking a step backward IS moving forward. He changed my entire outlook on the situation. I was given a new approach. Dr. Hartman taught me to always keep the big picture in mind and that is why I am now a healthy, pain free, athlete! And for that I am SO grateful. 

Now, I am doing all the movements I was doing before; but I am better now than I EVER was. I catch myself having a different approach to my workouts because of what he taught me. I move better! I lift better! I coach better! I have learned the importance of having a proper foundation and how it goes hand in hand with how we move on a daily basis. He pointed out all the things I overlooked and guided me through the entire journey back! I can’t thank him enough for what he has done for me. I never thought I would be able to CrossFit again, but somehow he turned my injury into a blessing! So happy to say I’M BACK!

The treatment you prescribed was EXACTLY what I needed. The overall knowledge you have, and have given me, is incredible. You are so invested in what you do & it shows! Somehow you mentally kept me sane. You helped me develop a mindset that I needed to push through. You cared just as much about my mental state as you did my injury, and that made all the difference."

– Liz T.

"After attending Dr. Hartman’s seminars on core strength and resilience to injury, I knew I wanted to start a general wellness and preventative health plan under his care. (...especially since his t shirt said “Does your Doctor even CrossFit?”). Thankfully I wasn’t experiencing any pain at the time, but tend to have occasional lower back and neck pain typically due to overuse during training. 

In the past, I’ve been to chiropractors where about 5 minutes was spent quickly adjusting and the remainder were basically just laying on a bed with hot or cold compresses, hooked up to a TENs unit. Generally my experience has been just that- getting the same routine treatment for whatever pain I was experiencing at the moment. I didn’t know any better at the time. Dr. Hartman looks to find the root cause of why the pain began in the first place and then comes up with a specific treatment plan to heal and correct the issue in order to avoid the injury from returning and addressing it holistically. I have more awareness of my body, my strengths and weaknesses; when, what, and how I should scale when training. And what muscle groups need more work (you know, the non sexy, yet very important ones).

The most amazing way he’s help me was when my father who lives out of state was having severe back pain. Hartman asked me to send him a video of my dad doing an air squat and walking on his toes. Immediately after viewing, he suggested we take him straight to the ER for surgery. That call most likely saved my dad from having permanent nerve damage from a condition called dropped foot.

Since being a patient of Dr. Hartman, I’ve not only gained a new perspective and higher standards on chiropractic health, but I've developed a unique relationship with my doctor. Someone that I can trust will help coach me through my personal journey of health and fitness, as well as connect me to other valuable resources, practitioners, and reliable recommendations as a trusted advisor on nutrition & wellness."

– Andrea B.