We are happy to offer Telehealth.

It is becoming increasingly challenging to schedule time to take care of yourself. We are consumed with work, family commitments, traveling, you name it. We have listened to our community and put together an online platform to make sure your path of healing is never interrupted. We can help you through your health journey, literally wherever the road takes you. We have made it possible to serve you virtually if you are not able to meet with us in person.

What is TeleHealth?

It is just a fantasy word for essentially a virtual office visit, meaning there is a video component exchange between the doctor and patient. It’s fast becoming an industry standard and a proven effective method, especially during this uncertain social period.

How Do I Schedule Telehealth Appointments?

Please call The Hartman Center at 201-692-7246 to schedule a telehealth appointment with Dr. Hartman. You will then click the link below to start your appointment at the time given.